10 beautiful cities you should visit in Fayoum, Egypt

10 beautiful cities you should visit in Fayoum, Egypt

Fayoum of the most beautiful cities of Egypt, located 100 km south west of Cairo. From history and culture to fun and beauty, very difficult for anyone not to enjoy this place is majestic. Although there are many places you can go and things you can see in the Fayoum, we’ll let you further details about 10 attractions amazing you should not miss, where you can also enjoy watching the sky witch moonlit and do many different activities with family and friends.


Valley of the whales

What has now become a valley of a desert full of fossils and skeletons of whales extinct, rock formations, it was the day of days the sea of tremendous full of marine life. If you own an SUV are so much fun to drive in ways that reality as you can rent one before your trip. Represents a UNESCO World Heritage site that the development of one of the mammalian peripheral and transition. If you enjoyed your trip in the valley of the whales and more, you want to also visit the Museum of the valley of the whales, which also features many of the skeletons of whales extinct.

The village of Tunisia

On the way to Wadi el Rayan guide Tunis Village is small. Buy the village’s colorful and beautiful popcorn, thanks to Evelyn borate (Evelyne Porret); this Mr. Swiss opened the studio to flee to the education of locals and visitors how to make pottery. The village of Tunisia took literally on the edge of the desert where it’s located on a hill facing the lake of salt water. There are many things that can be done other than clay, such as horse riding and bird watching and don’t forget about the Safari. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this village, it is a quiet place that’ll make you forget all your worries.

Wadi el Rayan

This unique region is one of the most famous protected area in Fayoum. It is famous for its lake and the springs of its synthetic. There’s a lake two separate in Wadi el Rayan. The lake top of the lake bottom, which followed a waterfall and beautiful and charming. Think this is the falls of the largest waterfalls in Egypt. You can also see many of the archaeological remains and excavations that have been found near the area of Jebel Al-Rayyan. This became the natural beauty of now down to the coexistence of birds and nature deer Reem (Gattstill skinny centuries), from which they are known to not directed to in a few places in Africa.

Mount turtleneck

Although the composition of the Rock is more than a mountain is real, but that there are three peaks distinct, with other points small in the West. Buy Mount rotator in the sand, like sand skiing and hiking. So if you are a lover of adventure, plus a little bit of calm and quiet vGPU turtleneck you’ll inevitably. You can watch the twinkling stars that little moon for the night and enjoy a barbecue.

Lake Qarun

There is in Fayoum, a lot of places of magnificent wildlife and nature reserves, among them the lake Qarun. This area is famous for the presence of many species of birds known that the area late during the winter migration.Considered highly navigation so you won’t find a lot of people who love to swim there as it is located on the 45 meters below sea level. However, it’s charming and beautiful. You can find some cafes on the edge of the lakes where you can take a break and enjoy the beauty of the lake and all the bird species sponsored.

Qasr Qarun

Qasr Qarun is a temple of the kingdom tilapia process. Located near the edge of the lake Qaroun and is the site of the original city does the old. It is the most important monuments of that period that are still preserved, and is sometimes referred to as the “temple of stone”. The Institute consists of blocks of limestone, yellow and partially restored by the Department of Egyptian Antiquities. Can inevitably go back in time when travelling around the metal, as you can look to the interior, if you’re a fan of Archaeology and history.

Kom ushim

Krantz is the old name to them, which was built by the Ptolemies in the third century BC. This is the largest of the Greek city of Roman in the Fayoum and the city today is the temple of the two remaining connected. Were temples dedicated to the gods of the crocodile and Roman Baths. On the other hand, the museum contains two known groups from the prehistoric era to the Greco-Roman era. Make sure you spend some time to visit this museum if you are interested in learning about the culture and history of Fayoum.

The pyramid of Agon

While the original name of the pyramid is “the pyramid of not two”, often referred to as the pyramid of Lahaina because it is located in the city of Agon. Built the pyramid in the family Twelfth of the Pharaoh not second in the cemetery after his death. It was a pyramid made of mud bricks supported by a base of limestone, unlike the pyramids of Giza. Packaging is the structure also with outside layers of limestone to protect the clay bricks inside.

The pyramid of Hawara

The pyramid of Hawara source left third of the family’s thirteenth east of the Fayoum Oasis. A pyramid built from bricks, covered with limestone. Before the collapse of the pyramid of Hawara, it has a height of 58 meters. The village of Hawara in the same area is a destination you should not miss during your visit to Egypt, where archaeologists discovered many of the paintings known today as “portrait of Fayoum”.

The Magic Lake (Magic Lake)

This lake in the valley of the whales is one of the most lakes Splendor in the world.Where you are trying to do the desert and changes color several times in the day as the sunlight that is reflected and that is why it’s called “magical lake”. Containing Sea Island Magic(Magic Lake) also minerals can help in the treatment of patients with rheumatism. You won’t regret visiting this wonderful scene where you can swim or relax and meditation in nature.

These attractions are just a glimpse of the magical adventure that await you during your visit to Fayoum. You will also find a variety of of the large bazaars where you can shop for souvenirs and objects and other antique, in addition to the mosques and baths and weekly. Plans for your next visit. about this wonderful city and fun. Enjoy doing various activities and participate in the adventures of Don’t forget, with an appreciation of the history and culture of the city also.

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