Amazing beaches in the peninsula “Lynn Boyle” (See Pictures)

Amazing beaches in the peninsula "Lynn Boyle" (See Pictures)


Is peninsula Lin (Llŷn), the treasure of Wales for many reasons, but it stands out because of its beauty and its landscapes and rugged. One of the most parts of Splendor in the region is the many beaches enormous that surround it, which specify the towns and villages in the face of the famous travel this.

Fall Peninsula Lin in north-west Wales, with nearly km of coastline, including beaches around the peninsula to some of the coolest coastal towns such as src (Abersoch) andare ( Llanbedrog) Pollux my (Pwllheli) and the bureau (Porthmadog) , for example, but not limited to. However, the beauty of the beaches is what attracts many people to this region every year. This area is known as the “Riviera of the Welsh” (Welsh Riviera), because of its beaches, long sandy sea Pacific, a region that is really beautiful and must be seen. Below, you’ll find five of the best beaches that can be found along the coast of the peninsula Lin.

Porthos see (Porth Ceiriad)

This beach is spectacular within the great natural on the southern edge of the peninsula, about a kilometer from the village of Ask (Abersoch). Big bay powered gravel cliffs that protect it from many elements. The beach faces South, which makes it a perfect place for sunbathing and water sports; in addition to make it a great place to watch surfers throughout the cold months. One of its advantages is the fact that it allows you to bring your pet with you on the length of the year, without seasonal restrictions and because of that, the owners of cats and dogs generally are in abundance here, especially early in the morning.

Porthos Lagos (Porth Iago)

Porthos Lagos Bay is a small but scenic is located on the northern coast of the island of Lin. Confined to its white sands, waters and blue inside a small corridor Limited based aspects. When heated, the weather, you might think you’re somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, enjoy the sun, but in all honesty, is a great place at any time of the year. The beach is protected and clean and wonderful for the whole family, so he is a perfect to spend the whole day.

Been (Aberdaron)

On the West Point of the peninsula Lane, the village appears small, which is positioned on a beautiful bay and sandy beach wide. This beach is quite suitable for those who have younger children, as it can provide swimming pools, rock for hours of entertainment. Enjoy the village, which is located behind the beach amenities local, so you won’t need to go far if you need some refreshment. Around the Bay and to the right of the waterfront there is a porthole bar my (Porth Meudwy) where the boats. You will discover through the Gulf glimpse of in (Enlli). You will find in this small village fish restaurant should you eat even once.

Porthos Orr (Porth Oer)

This must be the beach, the mysterious one of the most beautiful beaches in the peninsula, where can sand to “squeak” or “whistling” under your feet, therefore it is called the beach, also called “Sand beep” (Whistling Sands). The whistling or singing sand is due in fact to The Shape of the sand particles, there is a beach just one else in Europe is not the same kind of sand, on the island I (Eigg) in Scotland.

When you’re here, you can participate in a variety of water sports, or just sit back and enjoy the summit of a steep and covered with grass which is surrounded with sand curved – this beach is popular among surfers, and can be a great start for a picnic coastal and explore the surrounding countryside. There is a nearby cafe as well as a garage for easy access.

Porthos guest (Borth-y-Gest)

The fishing village of Strange in Porth guest often pass without mention, but the small harbour overlooking the river Avon glass two (Afon Glaslyn) on the north side of the bay tree (Tremadog). This beach gives you the character of the old, the village is characterized by the charm of the Victorian era, with its shape is similar to the step houses multi colors. On a clear day. You can see the splendor of the the mountains of Snowdon (Snowdon).You can sit in one of the cafes on the waterfront and the world moves around you.

If these five terminals in the peninsula Lin (Llŷn) look attractive, send to know that this list serves only the surface. In fact, there are 14 beaches on this finger slave of land that stretches up to the Irish Sea, and all of them has its own charm. Can be of Wales, and North Wales in particular, is a great destination for those looking for a calm in addition to enjoying some of the best panoramic views in the United Kingdom.

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