Basel is a city of museums, get to know the best museums in Basel.

Basel is a city of museums, get to know the best museums in Basel.

No city Miss cities in Switzerland over the city of Basel in the north of the country. As long as this city was the center of art and culture. Starting from the seventeenth century, Basel is home to many famous artists such as Hans Holbein (Hans Holbein) are Dürer (Albrecht Dürer), as well as to public figures such as Nietzsche (Nietzsche) Erasmus (Erasmus), for example, but not limited to. They are pushed to move to Basel, where he lived and worked and their legacy irresistible. Collecting art has a long history in Basel since she was in the year 1661 the first European city welcomes groups of art. Here, even does not care about poverty, it becomes teachers!

Despite the small size of the city, only to Basel to continue the occupation period throughout the year. Many of the events that are popular locally up internationally. It’s hard to believe that an area of 37 square kilometres, there are almost 40 Museum in Basel, each of which is worth a visit. Here take a look at some of the coolest museums to explore on your next visit to Basel.

Fondation Beyeler (The Foundation Beyeler)

This art museum is home to modern and contemporary art was founded by the couple Ernst held the pellet. Originally, the site of the current museum, there was a written artifact owned by the family of the pellet. In 1952, they renamed their business to know the pellet (Galerie Beyeler), which was the basis of their new, but it is not the creation of the Museum of the actual until 1997.

(Foundation Beyeler) is an art museum the most visited in Switzerland and hosts exhibitions internationally renowned. Were allocated to one of these exhibitions of the work of Picasso from the beginning of his career – the period was pink and blue. As there is a new exhibition featuring the works of American painter Edward Hopper, who was successful despite opening in 2020 only. If you are not sure what you should do in Basel in the day, we strongly recommend a visit to the museum Fondation Beyeler anyone who appreciates art and learn more about it.

Art Museum (Kunstmuseum)

Art commitment Basel Art. The museum has collections of old professors to the masterpieces of the new artists and contemporaries, and is the fifth best museum in the world. Co-Pablo Picasso in the life of the museum, where I give two of his paintings – Les Deux Frères and Arlequin Assis – on loan to Kunstmuseum even be selling them, however, decided that most of the population of Basel retained. These paintings permanently. Resulted in a referendum six million Swiss francs in taxes, while justifying art lovers keep. Influenced by Picasso deeply this decision and appreciation, and three other paintings of the city of Basel.

Now, the museum houses three different buildings. The completion of the main building Hauptbau in 1936 and displays the museum’s collections, including local art, the art of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and of the previous century, and eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in addition to the art of classic and modern modern modern European after the war . The construction of the new building Neubau in April 2016 and is connected by a passage under the ground. While walking through this, you’ll be impressed with the art that is unparalleled. No longer Neubau home for special exhibitions that are held in the galleries of the house in the sun-offers art collections. The second building Gegenwart, known as the Kunstmuseum Basel Gegenwart. Was one of the first museums dedicated to contemporary art in the world. As the museum hosts lectures and discussions about at work or about contemporary art in general.

Museum paper (Basler Papiermühle)

Was Basel, a centre for the production of paper in the seventeenth century was seen as the center of civilization and sophistication. Preferred by many of the scientists, writers, this is a place to print and publish their work. The museum is located between the walls of the paper mill medieval, which lends it an air of exciting and unique. Here you will learn the complete process of creating handmade paper from the beginning to the final result – book. The wonderful part of this museum is the personal touch offered to customers today. You can request your own paper to print business cards, certificates, diplomas and even advertisements of marriage or birth. You can be the creator of your own paper made in the oldest paper mill in the city. You can also buy prints of the wax and sent a letter bearing your signature.

Museum Tinguely (Tinguely Museum)

Jean Tinguely artist francs unique neighborhood created the art of war. You will see a form of motion in most of his works, where he was Tinguely always interested machines – how they move, and the noise produced by and forms. You can watch one of his works in the city centre next to the areas (Barfüsserplatz) – fountain Carnival fountain Tinguely. The museum houses 142 carved exclusive in addition to many drawings that allow you to recognize this talented artist.

Natural History Museum of Basel


The Natural History Museum in the heart of the city artwork on Montreal (Münsterhügel) near Cathedral of Basel. Are usually welcome visitors skeleton dressed according to the weather condition that day! The museum is a magician for all people and ages. Return collections to the Middle Ages covers the Natural History of our planet as a whole, from anthropology and bone to zoology, and Mineralogy. Been recognized societies of biological and geological value for more than 300 years! Visit each room showing the history and effects that you’ve never seen or heard of before.

But let’s not forget about the other museums that are worth everyone’s attention also. For example, there is a Pharmacy Museum which houses the largest collection in the history of Pharmacy. Or the Cartoon Museum which displays the cartoons witch to the public. If you’re in the centre of the city, it is impossible to miss to see the Museum of gaming, where is decorating its facade every day throughout the year, and you can see the largest collection teddy bear in the world!

And now, after reading this little guide to the best museums are worth a visit in Basel, you are ready to go and explore by yourself or through an organized tour! But keep in mind that most museums are closed on Monday, making Basel is a perfect place to visit on weekends or any other day of the week.

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