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Basil and herbs rinse to strengthen hair

Basil and herbs rinse to strengthen hair

Basil is one of the oldest aromatic herbs, which can now be found in home gardens or orchards, and which possesses healing and healthy properties both in food, and in folk remedies, such as this rinse to strengthen hair.

There are significant Botanical differences in various types of basil plants. Among the many varied species of basil we find sweet basil, lemon basil, Italian or curly basil, holy basil, Thai basil and lettuce leaf basil.

Basil is often used as a home remedy to relieve nausea and insect bites, besides in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and other holistic medicine systems is a very important element.

The variety called holy basil is rich in antioxidants and helps detoxify the body, moreover, studies have shown that it can protect the body from toxic chemicals, so this basil and herbal rinse will work very well on your hair.

This nourishing herbal hair rinse will nourish the scalp to achieve healthier and stronger hair. Apple cider vinegar softens and cleanses without removing natural oils from the scalp and with regular use, hair can even grow.

To prepare it, we will use herbs such as horsetail, which contains high amounts of silicon to strengthen the hair; lavender, which calms inflammation in the scalp and increases circulation for better growth, just like Rosemary; nettle, which makes the hair naturally stronger and more vibrant.

Finally, basil plays a special role. Like the other herbs, basil nourishes the scalp, but also helps remove toxins and heavy metals, and promotes hair growth as it is nourished with vitamins A and C, flavonoids and polyphenolic acids.


To make the rinse you will need:
1/4 cup nettle leaf
1/4 cup ponytail
3 tablespoons dried basil
4 tablespoons dried lavender
3 tablespoons dried rosemary
3 to 3 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar
In a glass jar and with a lid, place and mix all the dried herbs. Fill the jar with apple cider vinegar, but leave a couple of cm before it reaches the top. Cover well and shake vigorously. Let the mixture stand in a cool dark place for 2 to 4 weeks, shaking it every day.

After the time has elapsed, drain and remove the herbs with gauze or an old, clean T-shirt cloth and pass the liquid into a clean glass jar. To use it, after washing your hair as usual, mix equal parts of the herbal hair rinse and water in an empty glass jar or other container. If you have short hair, use a quarter cup of each, half a cup of each for shoulder-length hair, and 1 cup of each for long hair. You can use it once a week and leave it without rinsing or rinse it briefly with water.

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