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Celebrate coffee as a unique drink

Celebrate coffee as a unique drink

We serve it with care, precision and love. We believe in the quality of coffee. We embrace difference. We know better. We don’t settle for mediocrity. We celebrate coffee as a unique drink. Our passion for coffee was born with the desire to create a uniquely unique and iconic brand. We are a collective of passionate people who enjoy making and consuming coffee. We like what we like and make it better. We are happy when we hear our customers like what we like. We are not afraid to experiment and change.


We serve it fresh, in its whole and as part of our roasted coffees or use pre-roasted barks to cut costs further. From roasting to preparation, everything is done accordingtosuppliances and time. We are now seeking funding to grow into a large international company. Founded by former CPA Michael Delano and John J. Meeks, Coffee Shop (CK) serves quality specialty brewed brews on small batches at cafes, bars & restaurants across Southern California.

We serve it with love and respect. We want people to know that in our café and in the way we serve our coffee, there is a place for all individuals and cultures to come together to share and enjoy an amazing cup of coffee.

We serve our coffee at tables and in shops around London, in cafes, hotels and restaurants. We currently operate a coffee shop in the trendy and fashionable Knightsbridge area of central London.

We serve coffee and toast coffee. We have coffee shops and bars, schools and churches. We have a cafe dedicated to tea, a club dedicated to ice cream, a cafe dedicated to cake and a coffee shop dedicated to coffee. We have a community of all living things. We have a community of coffee drinkers with diverse tastes and interests. We are a community of people who love to spend time with each other, and we are a community of people who love to eat and drink and who love to make coffee. We are a community of people sharing, and we are a community of people who want to live in harmony with nature.

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