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Simple home remedy for having soft feet

Simple home remedy for having soft feet

Something as simple as having soft feet should not require spending thousands of weights, much less investing a lot of time or doing something crazy to get it, so naturally, there had to be a home remedy for this.

As with many other skin problems, there are simple home remedies to soften it, specifically, the skin that over time usually gets thicker and rough, such as that of the heels.


This home remedy for rough feet consists of making a foot scrub based on oatmeal and rose water, but you can also use milk.

To make your natural and homemade scrub, you just have to mix equal parts of the two ingredients, that is, you can use half a cup of oats and half a cup of rose water, and mix until you have a pasty consistency (you can crush the oats a little before to achieve it).

How to use this Foot Scrub is also very simple, first use a brush to exfoliate the skin of your feet, then just apply the scrub and let it stand for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and let your feet dry. Finally, apply a cream to moisturize your feet.

If you do this treatment every other day, you will get better results. You can also soak your feet in cold water with vinegar (white or Apple) to remove dry or rough skin later with a pumice stone. Use one part vinegar for 2 parts water and soak feet for 5 to 10 minutes.

After using the water with vinegar to soften the feet and carving with the pumice stone, do not forget to moisturize your feet with a cream or you can even use petroleum jelly.

Finally, as general recommendations to keep your feet soft, wear thick socks, choose wide and comfortable shoes, with low heels and soft soles that do not rub, and try to use insoles or heel pads. Keeping your feet soft will only be a matter of consistency with these natural remedies and basic skin care, such as moisturizing it.

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