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Strengthen your hair with rosemary, onion and other natural ingredients

Strengthen your hair with rosemary, onion and other natural ingredients

Hair care should be permanent, especially when there are various factors that damage our hair such as beauty products, tongs, pollution, the sun and even the very stress of day to day. Therefore, if you want to improve the appearance, vitality and even avoid hair loss, we show you 4 natural ingredients that will help you strengthen the hair.


While there are countless commercial products to care for hair, none like natural ingredients, since these do not have sulfates or parabens that mistreat it, they are much cheaper and return softness and shine in most cases. Ready to meet them?

Aloe for hair regeneration

The aloe vera also known as aloe vera, is that ally infallible that help in hair regeneration thanks to that it is composed of 99% water and the rest are powerful vitamins such as A, B, C, and E. The properties of aloe vera make it a perfect ingredient to hydrate the hair, stimulate growth, remove excess sebum and give you more vitality. You can mix a little aloe in your shampoo or apply directly on the Mane.


Rosemary for hair loss

Rosemary is a plant with various health benefits and in this case, it is ideal to treat hair loss, since it works as a natural stimulant of the follicles, keeps them active and promotes hair growth; it also has high antifungal properties, which help fight some infections of the scalp.

Olive oil for moisturizing hair

Olive oil is a wonderful tool for caring for battered hair because it contains healthy fats that moisturize and close the hair cuticles. In the same way, this oil is high in vitamin C and vitamin A, so it favors the production of collagen and improves the shine of the manes. Remember to apply a few drops of half of your hair to the tips and rinse with cold water after 20 minutes.

Coconut oil to nourish hair

Among the properties of coconut oil, they highlight its high degree of vitamin E, proteins and lauric acid that reduce dryness in the hair, eliminate frizz and easily penetrates the hair fiber, regenerating it and creating a natural barrier that keeps it hydrated. You can massage your scalp starting with small amounts to see how your hair responds.

Remember to consult an expert before using any of these natural remedies, since you can use them in shampoo, masks or natural but each hair is different and your needs can vary.

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