The 10 beautiful beaches in the Caribbean islands

The 10 beautiful beaches in the Caribbean islands

Everything starts at the beach. Sure, we love the food and the culture of the Caribbean islands. But every journey begins with inspiration, which always come from a dream, a daydream afternoon imagine yourself sitting under the sun of the beach and nothing around you but a blue water and palm and golden sand.

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Although the Caribbean is undoubtedly the home to the most beautiful set of beaches anywhere on Earth, but it is the variety most development, starting from the small sandy beaches to those represented on the horizon, from those that can be easily accessible to the secluded beaches appropriate for the mind.
Here is a list of the 10 best beaches in the secre visit this year, from the beaches of the Caribbean possible that you have -at least – to think about her visit to the shores still not common among the large number of travelers.

Bay Saul, Anguilla

Become Anguilla in recent years a special place among the islands of the Caribbean for the stars of Hollywood and honeymooners alike. Filled with beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts and the hotel, is very popular Anguilla certainly well-deserved. There are 33 beaches along 16 miles of the island, and the best part is that they are all public. Bay is Saul among the most popular where there is more than 3 kilometers of white sand Pearl on the side of the Atlantic where you can hire what you need to enjoy the beach.

Beach eagle, and Aruba

With miles of beaches are clean and quiet and the weather is perfect all year round, visit Aruba every year huge numbers of tourists. Depends Beach eagle of the most beautiful beaches on the island with large areas of soft sand, surfing, nice perfect for swimming. The beach is a little quieter than some of its neighbours, but it is still years visitors such as all the beaches of Aruba.

Bay see you, St. John’s

After nearly 50 years of contributions Lawrence S. Rockefeller Bay and see you for the National Park Service, is still the beach, coral reefs, and Marine among the most suitable of St. John the picturesque and well-preserved. Attracts water Trank Bay Net and warm sand coral silk tourists in large numbers, and facilities that are well maintained rental chairs, snorkelling and bathing. Visitors can enjoy the tropical sunshine, swim in the waters of coral reefs is possible to more than 200 meters, or the experience of photography under the water. Clean water, diverse marine life and think an unparalleled opportunity to take a photo unmatched

Beach crane, Barbados

Barbados island is distinctive for its natural beauty and culture of the time. This gem is located in the West Indies is actually a coral atoll. Unfold the sandy beaches of coral reefs of the powder, making the sand soft and smooth. Close to the coast, there are coral reefs attract divers and divers in this exotic and charming at the same time. Buy beach Crane does great, and are filled with water with the make waves.

Blues, Puerto Rico

Blue ocean

Blues is in fact a special molecule with an area of 100 acres off the coast in the north-east of Puerto Rico. What increases the attractiveness of the island is that they are available to residents in the middle of the El Conquistador and Golden Door Spa. To get to the island; tourists topper fast motion for about 8 minutes to this resort for a day of snorkelling or windsurfing or jet-skiing or embrace the island paradise as soon as you relax in the hammock with juice from local fruits.

Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

Saint Martin is an island a world of nature is served on the side, two Dutch and French island. Philipsburg is the capital of the Dutch side and is the center of activity of the island with the cruise ships arriving and departing, as well as visitors hikers along the shore of the Gulf the great (Felipe) extends this beach is crowded almost three kilometers with colorful umbrellas, which spread along the banks of its wide sandy.

Nassau, the Bahamas.


While the beaches of Nassau certainly beautiful, but what attracts a lot of people is the experience of diving off sandy beaches, where you can see that up to 30 meters. Explore the blue hole of the Lost (the lost blue hole), which is the normal hole display a depth of 60 meters full bar great many fish contain all of the caves of the Trinity and Piece of Cake on the slots are big enough to swim through it is home to the animals of the lobsters big. There are also a countless number of shipwrecks along the coral reefs surrounding the islands of the Bahamas that make diving adventure in itself.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Repeated British Virgin Islands from a group of smaller islands, each with its topography, its unique atmosphere of the island its own. Is Virgin Gorda, one of the largest of the islands, where popular tourist resorts, luxurious beaches and pure tug gorgeous. Famous Virgin Gorda, most likely in the bathroom (the baths), a group of white sandy beaches surrounded by a rock is granite huge situated on the southwest coast of the island, up the path, some to more than 10 meters. Get the shoes water and tube diving camera waterproof and explore a series of caves and gas that created these huge rocks.

Beach Harrismith, Barbados

Spend your day like the movie Castaway on the shore of Harrismith in isolation, which is located in the parish of Saint Philip in Barbados. Although it is only a short distance from the bay bottom (Bottom Bay), except that this paradise Sandy a far cry from what you know about the resorts on the beaches, the most developed, they are still trying to minimalism. You can access the beach through a set of stone steps carved into a cliff overlooking the sea. The ruins of an old country house top-shelf add to the romantic scene is unmatched. After going down the steps to the beach, enjoy a picnic, or search for seashells, or relax with a book. but swim with caution where there is no guard in the service in this hidden jewel of the beach.

Bay horses, Bermuda

Think the beaches of Bermuda sand pink the famous and one of the most beautiful retreats in the world, and the shores of the Bay of horses is no exception. Wide expanses of sand, pastel pink – as a result of shell powder, coral reefs and calcium carbonate – which, seeing her wave clear blue pick up on the beach, abandoned seductive attractive dozens of visitors to the beach who come down every year, at the distance of 33 km -Long Island. Helped the facilities of the beach, bay horses, guards, rescue and equipment rental to make their most famous beaches and secure in Bermuda.

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