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The benefits of rice water to keep hair long

The benefits of rice water to keep hair long

What I like most about home remedies is that, although they may seem something new, because we are already used to using prefabricated products, many are almost millenary, such as the use of rice water for long hair.

According to a 2010 research, women in Japan during the Heian period, from 794 to 1185 ad, had their hair down to the ground and kept it healthy with rice water.

In China there is also a modern equivalent of this story with the Yao women, who live in a village called Huangluo in China, famous for having hair of an average of almost two meters long, in addition to keeping their color longer, since they do not begin to have gray hair until they reach 80 years. Yao women also attribute the length and color of their hair to the fact that they wash it with rice water.

Rice water

Benefits of rice water on hair
Rice water is the starchy water left after the rice is rinsed, cooked, or left to soak. It is believed that it leaves hair soft and shiny, as well as helps it grow faster, and those who use it, claim that it detangles the hair, softens it, increases shine, strengthens and helps the hair grow long.

For its part, rice water contains many of the vitamins and minerals contained in rice. These include:
amino acids
B Vitamins
vitamin E
Scientific research points out that the benefits of rice water on hair may be true, as it can reduce surface friction and increase hair elasticity. However, the studies are not forceful or have commercial purposes, so the benefits of rice water for hair remain unproven.

While more research is needed to support anecdotal evidence about the benefits of rice water for hair, if you try it or have tried it, tell us what you noticed about your hair.


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