The best destinations for summer 2021 

The best destinations for summer 2021 

Planning summer vacation is exciting, but the options are endless, so it is important to establish certain criteria to your search. Some holiday destinations for the summer season, and most of tourists in June, July and August, but this is also when all the attractions are open in these destinations.

In places like Whistler, Canada; by which many of the mountains, or a country such as Iceland, which are characterized by the harsh winter, summer is the perfect time to visit because the roads and trails will be open for you to experience what these places are full . The focus of this list to the best destinations of the summer on a variety of factors, including better weather and time of tourist attractions.

Plans for your next holiday through this list of the best places you can visit in summer.

Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon), Arizona


Summer is one of the best times to visit the Grand Canyon. Despite the fact that the busiest times, there are many ways to enjoy your visit. Visitors can ride the bus around the house or walk in the path of the rim trail (rim trail) or just relax in the Grand Canyon Village.

Can enjoy a fitness walk all the way along the Bright Angel Trail to Bright Angel Trail or just part of the road. Will the lovers adventure in space and the Grand Canyon all what they need, and can also descend to the valley from the North Rim (North Rim), spend the night at Phantom Ranch (phantom ranch), then the experience has to the South Rim (South Rim) in the next day.

You can also ride the train to the Grand Canyon from Williams (Williams) in Arizona to the Grand Canyon, which is a great way to see the landscape; but during the busy summer season, you need to book in advance to stay and transportation.

Rome, Italy

Because many of the best attractions in Rome are outdoors, the visit in the summer to put you in the city at the time of the peak. Tours to ancient sites like the famous Colosseum (Colosseum), the pantheon (Pantheon) are endless, but you must book tickets in advance. Rome is a city easy to see them alone, so the summer weather is nice will make it a more enjoyable place to explore on foot to experience new food, or throwing a coin in the fountain of Trevi (Trevi Fountain).

Plans to increase the attractions of Foreign Affairs first, and keep visiting the museum in case of bad weather in one day. Enjoy the summer season in Rome, popular with tourists, so be sure to book Everything you want to book it by 6 to 7 months before coming.

Whistler (Whistler), Canada

You think the mountains of Whistler, Canada the perfect ski vacation and winter, but summer means that the temperature is more moderate, so you can try out other outdoor activities such as his in the mountains and explore the Wild Life. You can also ski at Mount Blue (Whistler) even in the summer months, and without equipment heavy winter.

During the summer, you can practice water sports in Lost Lake Park. Needs area, which covers an area of 525 acres on the trails for hiking, kayak, and paddleboard, available for rent.

Prepare natural parks such as the middle of Brandywine Falls Provincial or Valley Trail -which you can access from Whistler Village – perfect to exploration during the warmer months.

If you are an amateur to the Olympic Winter Games, you can go to the ski areas in the ski centre in Whistler (Whistler Sliding Center), where you can ski on a winding path length of 1400 meters and speeds of more than 120 km per hour all this for half the cost of doing so during the winter months.

San Diego (San Diego), California

San Diego is one of those cities that enjoy the same beautiful weather on throughout the year as always swarm activity, but summer is time of fun, especially to visit this city in California. With more than 100 km of coastline, it won’t be the beach away from you never. Prepare the shores of Mission and Pacific Beach and Coronado Beach three of the best beaches that you should visit.

Summer in San Diego also means festivals and music in the city, so it’s time for vibrant, where you’ll find something exciting every day in local neighborhoods. There are also major attractions such as Balboa Park (Balboa Park), which includes museums, parks, bike trails, in addition to the 1,200 acres of cultural life, restaurants and the San Diego Zoo’s famous. Summer in the city this big, you don’t need from the high prices of hotels especially in this time.

Nova Scotia (Nova-Scotia), Canada

Travel to Canada in the summer is always great but by the time of the coolest trip to Nova Scotia. This peninsula; it is a haven for water activities such as kayaking, rafting and whale watching.If you’re a fan of has to be, all what you want in the middle of the Cape Breton Highlands National and the path of the Cape Chignecto Coastal Bay Van Damme (Fundy) and other considerations to also enjoy the scenery of the Navy.

Start flights to Nova Scotia in June, so it becomes accessible to the province’s easier in the summer. There are many festivals during June, July and August, it is also the ideal months to see the true culture of the area, with music and local events that celebrate the heritage of Nova Scotia.

Maldives (Maldives)

Of the best .Visit the Maldives in the summer when the weather is rather dry. The existence of nearly 1,200 islands on the length of the archipelago of the Maldives, so there are many options to spend a summer vacation and tropical. Famous of these islands by the deep blue of the water sports and beautiful coral reefs and don’t forget the tropical beaches.

You can weather the summer warm, dry, and spend most of the time in exploring the islands and waters of the Indian Ocean. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs, so the days the weather is sweet make good to spend some time in the water to see some of the magnificent coral reefs and aquatic life.

Zermatt (Zermatt), Switzerland

Summer in Zermatt, Switzerland, is full of color. So that the time in which you decorate the mountains that were covered with snow by green meadows and blue temptress in the lakes. Fall of Zermatt at the base of Mount Matterhorn (Matterhorn).

Allows temperatures and climate in the summer The Adventures of a mountain is not limited to just skiing. Allow to visit during June, July and August to respond to outdoor, from his mountain biking to kayaking and swimming. There are many tour companies in Zermatt that focus on different adventures, so don’t feel concerned even if this is your first tour in the Swiss mountains.


Longer warmer temperatures and lack of concern about the weather the harsh winter of the biggest reasons to visit Iceland in the summer. This is the most wonderful winter to try and see the aurora borealis due to the presence of the nights long and dark and cold, but many of the roads will be closed due to lack of accessibility, as to many of the attractions close also.

Featuring the summer months are drier than easy access to Trails has throughout the island. Festivals are held little in Iceland during the summer, it is the best time to watch whales. Since summer is also the season of the midnight sun, you will have long hours of daylight to experience the best of Iceland including the Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon) and the glass mountains lagoon (Glacial Lagoon).

Seattle (Seattle), Washington,

The city of Seattle two things: coffee and gloomy weather. Summer is the tourist season is famous in this city speed, so the hotel rates will be high but this is a great time to visit. Witness July and August are the least amount of rain, so enjoy festivals of Foreign Affairs would be comfortable, although you will still be content to wear a light sweater in the evening.

Since summer is the time crowded with tourists, you’ll need to plan for extra time to see attractions like the Space Needle. (the Space Needle), but the positive thing is that the sky will be mostly sky during these months for a wonderful view of the city. Do you mean the fish net and also to walk around the city, makes it easy to see the market Pike Palace (Pike Place) and the middle of the Olympic Sculpture Park.

Marseille, France

The city of Marseille coastal France, one of the best places in the country to visit in the warmer months. Suitable for the summer, especially in June and July, stunning, and that’s why this is the most times of Tourism. Mean days nice that you can spend some time overseas kayaking kayaking or explore the Old Port district, which was the center of trade for thousands of years.

There are many ways to enjoy the culture of Marseilles heritage, electric bicycles and trade in the historic city centre to a boat trip and see the best sights, because summer is the perfect time to visit Marseille, you’ll need to book a hotel in advance.

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