The best place to enjoy the fun, tourism in Provence, France

The best place to enjoy the fun, tourism in Provence, France

I’ve chosen us 2020 all to the maximum. There lost his job there had to cancel his trip to the annual and from there has increased his repeated his loved ones and his family. We were worried about the health of our family, our friends, maybe we have suffered from loss and grief. While there were difficult years in the history, it wasn’t any of them a challenge like the one we lived by in the past year. With the availability of vaccines, there is hope for a better future, we can begin to dream again.

What is best place to regain your sense of calm and tranquillity of Provence, the best place to see nature in France, there are open spaces, Good Food, and the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Here are some of the best places to relax in Provence, which will help you to forget your worries.

Hilltop retreat (Hilltop retreat)

Guide to the tops of the hills of Saint-Paul de Vence (Saint-Paul-de-Vence) and enjoy B”bathing in the forest”. Become bathing in the forest very common in Japan and has now spread all over the world. It comes to spending quiet time among the trees and enjoy the quiet that grew up between the sheets, you can stay in the Orion iPad bed and breakfast (Orion Bed and Breakfast), where you can sleep in the tree house feel that you are part of this beautiful nature.
Let you stay in one of these rooms have access to a swimming pool with fresh water as well as the sauna bath, you can go to eat in La Brouette and enjoy salmon, smoked out. Food feeds the soul.
If you want to do more than just sit among the branches of the trees, a visit to the art galleries that make the region famous. If you go to the Museum of the Fondation Maeght, you’ll also have the opportunity to move between the art and the strangest what can hammer it into the hands of the humans .

Haute du Kansas (Haut de la)

Sometimes to escape from the pressures of life, we need to turnoff place to stop in time to live a simple life even for a period of time. This place is situated on the slope of the paved roads with gravel and small shops on the sides. It’s the place goes to the artists escape and the use of light is wonderful and the world to create masterpieces. Meditation is an important way to heal our minds may be spending some time away to explore our imagination is all we need.

The question is not to live in solitude or with others. Many of us just want to live without any pressure or obligations of, even for just a little bit of time! Therefore, this village is near can provide you that and more.

Cassis (Cassis)


If it was your passion, you may want to visit the place in which Winston Churchill painting. Famed group Bloomsbury also spend some time around here, so if art is something you prefer, you may be writing as well. Was Virginia Woolf’s other regular visitors.

Think small bays also ideal for swimming, you can go for a walk along the top of the cliffs in Europe. In the Cassie you can find some of the finest seafood restaurants in the area. If you want to experiment a little, visit the restaurant Le Mistral, which offers more tastier dishes in the area.

Camargo (Camargue)

It is also necessary for the health of our psychological experience of something new. Wouldn’t have chosen anything like the world that you will find in the career. There are the Bulls and the famous black and white fields, birds, and flamingos, eagles, hawks and other. There are swamps, salt flats, vineyards and rice fields scattered across the Rhône River.

Exercise is important to Share our sense tired to activity. And the best of care for biking and horseback riding, as well as the. Can also trade Saintes Maries de la Mer, famous for its long sandy beaches, which provide another dimension of rest and recuperation.

Lille Sur Syria (L-Sur-la-Sorgue)

There is a camp for all the supports Camping La Sorguette experience early in the largest option is the coolest installations tents. Cabin tent is secure against the winds of the fog, but it will help you feel close to nature

The island is also surrounded by the rivers, trails, in addition to the possibility of going to the city to buy everything you need (or not need) in Venise Comtadin. An antiques market in the region of the largest markets in the country, where hundreds of traders the most beautiful things to buy. You can even find a stone fountains complete your garden in the House.

In the latter
When going through a period of painful, you have to think with the basics. Such as healthy eating. Also, you need to get out into nature and playing outdoor sports. You also need to find time away from the noise of the news and bustle of life to indulge in the sands of the beaches and views of the slopes. In short, Provence is the perfect way to spend the year 2021. Everything you need for your mental health to have been collected in one place. We all owe it to ourselves some of these care and attention in this year.

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