The best visited places in Australia

The best visited places in Australia

Located Australia and between the Pacific and Indian oceans, and the smallest continent in the world, but at the same time the largest island too. With so many sights to discover and enjoy, there is always a motive for the search for adventure and excitement. Whether you are exploring the traditional lifestyle of the country’s indigenous population, or want to relax on a sunny beach or you prefer to enjoy playing in the city centre, the Australia has to offer to every person.

With the amazing national parks that are spread all over the country as well as the islands that are eye-catching, visitors to Australia and explore the masterpieces of Tasmania in Tara Park Kakadu (Kakadu) or Kata Tjuta (Uluru-Kata Tjuta) National Tara again.

On top of all that, the beautiful beaches and turquoise water witch is home to deviate Great Barrier Reef (Great Barrier Reef). One of the parameters in the nature and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. And with a lot of wonderful things that you can see and do, you will stop your job is to enjoy your time as much as possible!

Canberra (Canberra)

Having made a planned city in 1913, became the Australian capital Canberra to slowly but surely grow to become a vital place and beautiful. Call the city as “the capital of the jungle”, because of its central nature reserves amazing chains mountain low in the north of the Australian Capital Territory.

In the past, the city was a center of politicians and the government only; now it is home to museums, art galleries and the national with the global. Waiting all kinds of shops, restaurants, and the size of its student big that there is a night life will inevitably be noisy. Despite their novelty, the city also has a lot of interesting historical sights; many of these related to their governmental institutions.

Due to its rural isolation, the city is also a great place to explore the wonderful places in the outdoors. No longer protected its natural near-ideal for trade, as you will find many parks, gardens and artificial lakes in Canberra.

Rock formations (The Pinnacles)

This configuration inside the park Nambung (Nambung) National, can be found not far from the town of Cervantes (Cervantes) small in Western Australia. Due to the need of sight, remained rock formations are not known to many until 1967, when it was the formation of a protected these columns the natural adult.

Very much like tombstones can prepare thousands of them. Together, they make a wonderful sight as the sand of the coastal dunes constantly blowing through them to form the organization from another world.

While the debate remains ongoing about how to form this configuration, it is generally agreed that they are made of stone ager resulting from trauma, where the area was submerged for thousands of years. Now, this is the configuration of the limestone of famous tourist attractions. Often can be spotted kangaroo Gray west Mobile from there, in addition to bird emu, the long.

Gold Coast (Gold Coast)

Call of the Gold Coast (Gold Coast) Australian sparkling warm weather, the sky is sunny throughout the year, and the South Brisbane (Brisbane) directly on the coast south east Queensland (queensland). This coastal region is one of the most famous holiday destinations in the country thanks to the atmosphere of life, calm, and captivating research, as well as surfing.

Surfers Paradise (Surfers Paradise) is the area of Marry it most people. “Capital of the Gold Coast” (as he likes some call it) is home to large shopping centers and nightclubs in addition to the myriad of restaurants and accommodation options.As the towering shimmering above the beach, ideal for sunbathing, swimming and water sports.

Although many say it’s a trap policy, except that the Gold Coast has plenty to offer. In addition to the beautiful beaches and sunsets charming. They are also lacking in the amusement park, fun water parks, nature reserves, while already a paradise for lovers of surfing.

Alice Springs (Alice Springs)

Fall Alice Springs almost in the centre of Australia, where he is stationed within remote areas that do not end in the Northern Territory, although it is located just over 1500 miles from the nearest town. Only it’s an ideal place to explore the Red Centre.

Despite not having a lot to talk about in the town itself, except that Alice Springs is a wonderful place to visit if you want to delve into the rich history of the indigenous people and their heritage and culture. It is home to a number of fascinating museums and art galleries, indigenous Australian, in addition to a large number of the indigenous population. In addition, there are a lot of restaurants and hotels for visitors to choose from.

With all that, it remains the main attraction is the desert landscape stunning rock formations and valleys which lie everywhere around her. While the stone Uluru (Uluru) famous attracts most of the visitors to the color red, size large, as you will find formations of Kata Tjuta (Kata Tjuta) that are also a wonderful sight, as is also the case with Kings Canyon (the Kings Canyon).

Garden origin (Karijini) National

Fall care at a distance of about a thousand kilometers to the north of the state capital Perth,is the second largest national park in Western Australia. Stretching around a mountain range Hammersley, as famous for its valleys, magnificent waterfalls that dot in its borders.

Rising above this area is in its natural rugged three highest peaks in Western Australia. Where you can hang like never before, imagine this terrain is semi-arid series of open water, hidden waterfalls, glittering, which will end you if you decide to swim or take a shower after walking for a long time.

Besides the picturesque landscape, the park care home to more than 800 species of various plants, as well as plenty of wildlife. While exploring the local natural, visitors can take a peek at animals Wallaby, and Aardvark the spinal cord, as well as the red kangaroo.

Darwin (Darwin)

Come Darwin sixth in the top N (Top End) of Australia, a region which includes the Northern Territory, was Darwin has long been the most important major international cities in the country. Make it a clipping countries other countries in the Indian Ocean, the city is a center of growth since its early days. After its destruction during World War II, and again in 1974, when Cyclone Tracy (Tracy), became Darwin’s definitely the city of flexible and enjoy the spirit can’t defeat her. Today, the city has a population of about 75,000 people, a popular destination for holidays.

Popular attractions in Darwin its wide sandy lined with seafood restaurants and multinational. It also attracts the port of Darwin – which is estimated attwice the size of Sydney Harbour – the visitors also.

There is also a flight football, which takes two hours to 12 hours if you want to explore the Forest Grove. Coastal in the region. In the evening, wandering locals and visitors in the city square or the Corniche to enjoy the movies in cinema Deckchair, which is the scene of the Great Outdoors is located on the banks of the port.

Is Darwin’s also a hub for anyone who wants to go to the middle of Kakadu (Kakadu) National famous in addition to the middle of the Litchfield (Litchfield) National and Catherine George (Katherine Gorge) currently labeled New (Nitmiluk). Whether you fancy watching the crocodiles in the crocodile park sex (Crocodylus) or sail to the islands of TIO (Tiwi) is owned by indigenous or you just want to relax on the beach, there’s always something new you can try in Darwin’s tropical.

Forest Daintree (Daintree) rain

Forest is a dent on the north-east coast of Australia in the middle of a national campaign of the same name, it is one of the oldest tropical rainforests and the most versatile. Located in the state of Queensland, the animals and plants are magnificent and ancient environmental ideal for exploration.

Don’t talk Daintree only of the rainforest is lush and green, but it also includes rugged mountains and rivers long and rich coral reefs and don’t forget the beaches. Among these things, there is a Cape Tribulation, which includes one of the best white sand beaches in Australia.

Can access to the forest Daintree Rainforest better than Cairns (Cairns), about three hours drive away, the Daintree fun for nature lovers will be a lot of fun activities in the open air for visitors to try. Besides development centre of dense shrubs, bird watching or wildlife, months activity there is kayaking, as well as ski parachute as you wander along the river and enjoy what you’ll find in your way.

Byron Bay (Byron Bay)


Located in Byron Bay in the south-east of Australia, in the state of New South Wales (New South Wales), off the road, Pacific Highway (Pacific Highway), which connects Brisbane to Sydney. The area is famous for its beaches, idyllic locations and ride the waves wonderful lifestyle and beauty is, which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Shared here are many of and cultural festivals throughout the year, in addition to the Farmers ‘ Market, Weekly, people visit the state of New South Wales to its picturesque location and objects a lot that can be done in a host of ways. Besides relaxing on any of its beaches, visitors can enjoy scuba diving, surfing, whale watching and away from the beach, as is the sport of skydiving and yoga is very popular.

Due to the ambiance of the unique beauty and extraordinary of Byron Bay, it has to make all of the hippie the elderly and artists to surfers, businessmen, families and the city is home to them . As such, lots, restaurants, clubs and trendy, as well as a small art galleries and all kinds of accommodation.

Fraser Island (Fraser Island)

Fall Fraser Island off the coast of south east Queensland, separated by green sandy straight (Great Sandy Strait) from mainland Australia. Spanning more than a hundred kilometers to be the largest sand island in the world, and a popular place to visit because of its landscapes and its natural luxury.

While lined white sandy beaches, cliffs and Sandy dilapidated on the, can be found on rain forest Trees Grove. coastal dense dunes and coastal scattered here and there. In addition, imagine more than a hundred a lake of fresh water the shimmering landscapes, idyllic, lake, and (Wabby), Lake Mackenzie(MacKenzie ) are the most famous.

Broome (Broome)

The town of Broome small scenic and isolated on a small peninsula stretching into the Indian Ocean, on the north coast of Western Australia. Located more than 2,000 miles of all of Darwin (Darwin) Perth (Perth), the closer the two cities, is a beach resort Alan and the city of pearl fishing serves as the hub for the wealthy of the region.

Months, a place to relax in Broome is a beach cable (Cable), which is classified by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. Besides sunbathing on white sand, bathe in the turquoise waters, visitors can enjoy cocktails and spa packages in the middle of its luxury as well as a camel ride at sunset along the beach.

Can tourists eager to visit the fascinating rock formations in the Entrance Point and the slope of the red and footprints of dinosaurs in the Gantheaume Point; both located nearby. Beyond that a little bit you’ll find waterfalls, horizontal, scenic, with wild landscapes wonderful the other one untouched spread around the peninsula, Dampier and the Kimberley.

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