The sovereign states with most beautiful island that condoned alot of tourist

The sovereign states with most beautiful island that condoned alot of tourist


Where Will you go when the world opens again? I’ve spent a lot of this Days Long in doubt, to become travel is possible, whether it be to the beach favorite or that village isolated. As expected the other to add the new area to the state that they went to.

Then there’s of of dreaming what is unexpected, those unique experiences where image capture is a secondary full immersion is the only option. In this list you will find a selection of the possible places on the globe which includes flights for relaxation, meditation, and natural hot springs, safari under the water, and tropical beaches. You will find a culture of cooking a rich, original music, and in one case, a vampire.

For those enthusiasts who explore beyond the “best tourist countries”, would be, these countries are what you dream about when you start the world spins again.

Panama (Panama)

Gulf of Panama (Panama)

It’s a wonder that “the hub” of Central America is also the most overlooked areas when it comes to areas to spend the holidays. You think of Panama, the crossroads between two oceans and two continents, Panama is the land of the wonders of the tropical filled with lots of mountain cliffs, stunning beaches, as well as rich culture. It is enough to make you forget that the Panama Canal is famous.

Often compared Panama, Costa Rica and its northern neighbor, famous. But Panama beats Costa Rica in many areas. Even in the number of mountains and remote islands – featuring the archipelago of San Blas (San Blas) unit a maze of nearly 400 remote island, almost all the unnamed, uninhabited and, as most of it is full of coral. Unlike Costa Rica, trying to Panama on a high level of connection to the internet as the center of trade in Central America. In other words, it’s perfect for those travelers who bathes their love of beauty and lemon to avoid the tracks and crowded, but they still want the opportunity to stay connected.

Taiwan (Taiwan)

Bridge Inn (getaway) Taiwan (Taiwan)

For travelers for the first time to East Asia, we wonder often why the rise of Taiwan to the top of their lists. In the beginning, is one of the best countries that offer food in the world, where more than 300 A Night Market life on the streets with the sunset. In the capital Taipei, the largest market is the market Shilin (Shilin) Night, where you can sample street food Taiwanese in the candy balls fried paper pork rolls, meat grilled on charcoal. Are you looking for more ideas for hair outside of the box? Series offers a restaurant, modern toilet of a special nature to do the dishes in the toilets small.

In terms of volume, Taiwan is a point small enough to handle comfortably, but large enough to get to nature in all its corners. Thanks to its network of brilliant high-speed trains, you can navigate effortlessly.

See nearly 700,000 of the imperial collection of Chinese in the National Palace Museum, and don’t miss the opportunity to visit the center Kaohsiung (Kaohsiung) National Gallery of art, the largest Center for the Performing Arts in the world, to buy him new with the center Philharmonic Hall (Philharmonic) in London.

With nine national parks, the dose of nature is never too far – as you’ll find hot springs scattered all over the place which can bring pain after walking.

Cape Verde (Cape Verde)

Praia (praia) in the Cape Verde

At a distance of 550 km from the coast of Senegal, Cape Verde has all the characteristics of Paradise Beach tropical ideal. You’ll find panoramic mountain views, beaches, twinkling and the colonial territory, as well as the wreckage of ships and whales in the water of the Crystal. This must be the Cape Verde Islands on the passenger list inevitably. But the multicultural aspects in the island state is worth that ranks first on that list.

She was the head of the green barren and uninhabited when he landed in Portugal in the fifteenth century, and agree expressly and deep and great to run to the culture of the modern right through, guess ten untold, each with its own character. Today, you’ll find dishes Senegal rich, and colonial rule of the Portuguese, the spirit of Brazil, the banquet, the spirit of democracy in Ghana, the experience of the French in the wine industry. Can sense all this when you hear any song of Morna, and the style of the national music that combines the joy and sorrow, struggle, and keep in a take everyone on this place, and talking at the same time from the conflicts of the past and hope for the future .

Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan)

The mountain range Forgan (Fergana), Kyrgyzstan (kyrgyzstan)

If you are in Kyrgyzstan, it is likely that you’re on top of a mountain. The mountain range called the Tian Shan (the Tian Shan) (“lake fish” in Mandarin Chinese) covering about 80% of the country, most of which are up at least 1000 meters above sea level. Choose the features of its geology from the top to the other, but the landscape connected to each other with all her wonderful sexy syncope. You can pass the town on foot or by horse, to live the nomadic life of sleeping in tents and eating stew. And if all this seems almost fictional, you’ll be surprised to discover just how strange this country really is. But first, you have to know that it already exists.

The state of Central Asia that you won’t regret visiting her, from the capital Bishkek (Bishkek) to the countryside, sprawling, which houses most of the landscape, where the Eagles Fly and livestock. To the beauty mixed with the traditions of the Bedouin with adrenaline.

Kyrgyzstan is home to the Games global nomads (World Nomad Games), an international competition like the Olympics started here in 2014. Sports such as horse racing, types of belt (belt wrestling), and Kok-Boru Kok-boru – where competing riders from the throw the body of Tess – I don’t like any sports event I participated in before. Of justice that is happening in the country is unlike any place I imagined.


Volcano Quito (Quito) in Ecuador

Made in Peru, Colombia, neighbouring a lot in the field of tourism over the past two decades, first with its restaurants, lavish, diverse and last for its beaches which are not connected. But should not be ignored Ecuador is a small, confined between them, which constitute about a fifth of their combined. Characterized by Ecuador in its own inimitable way in making the site (Ceviche)with popcorn!.In addition to the previous, which will really enjoy the swim in it. Famous for Ecuador in Ease of development. You’ll also find that the official currency is the U.S. dollar; the opposite of most of the Latin countries.

When you get in alone you’ll be amazed of the floating forest in protected Cuyabeno (Cuyabeno Wildlife), the summit of Cotopaxi (Cotopaxi) high-rise, the market of Otavalo (Otavalo) hair long, and don’t forget the architecture colorful city of Quito (Quito). Being a state of complete natural landscape and diverse, adopt Ecuador perfect for nature lovers and adventures. Swim in the Amazon basin, and watched the bird, notthe blue of the feet, you can also enjoy waffles empanadas (empanadas) will satisfy even your mind. After that, penetrated deep for a small city like Cuenca (Cuenca), or even a small town such as Loja (Loja), Where you can enjoy the streets, the people of Ecuador, trade in historical buildings from the pre-colonial times, you can also navigate in the surrounding countryside.

Montenegro (Montenegro)

The village of Kotor(Kotor) in black leather

Enjoy Croatia’s neighbouring most of the love these days, but Montenegro fantastic in everything – and without a lot of tourists. This small country located on the Adriatic Sea, you can do here a lot in a short period of time. The beaches located on the coast of the Fertile of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in Europe, this renowned Montenegro (or Black Mountain) a small copy cheap from Italy.

Also make sure your visit to the ancient Venetian like Budva (Budva) and KOTOR (Kotor) and Perast (Perast), the fortresses that date back to the fifteenth century, the ceilings, the Witch of red brick, the restaurants are delicious and have sea view.

When you tire of the sun and sand, head to the eastern interior of the country (least crowded) in search of the mountain ranges of equal freshwater lakes, wild forests. You can ride a catamaran free down the valley of Tara (Tara) famous, or hiking through the middle of the biogradska Gora (Biogradska Gora) the National the wonderful – it is also home to some of the ski slopes of the least expensive in Europe in winter.


Product Salina Turda (Salina Turda)

Just to be clear, there is more to the traditions of Transylvania and Dracula in Romania. Many historic cities, dating back to the Middle Ages, World Heritage sites, treasures and architectural mysterious, make the country any Hawaiian antiquities in love with her. But given that most people are focused on vampires instead of rich cultural history, Romania continues away from the radar compared to sites and other Eastern European such as the Czech Republic or the council.

There are adventures are endless to participate across the entire country which does not cost very much unlike most of its neighbours, such as increasing the Salina Turda (Salina Turda); the amusement park underground in the oldest salt mines in the world. Imagine the exercise of the underground (such as football andbadminton , mini golf) and built theatre which seats 180 seats, sauna, dry and wet bathing solar horseback riding. In other places, and unforgettable sites such as the castle, Sighisoara (Sighisoara), A city of the Middle Ages have been preserved well and is recognized by UNESCO.It is inhabited to this day nearly 28 thousand people, featuring this castle architecture of the original medieval streets paved and historic features such as the church on the hill, so you’ll feel like you traveled through time.

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