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The standard procedure in hotel as solution will become tests for Corona 

The standard procedure in hotel as solution will become tests for Corona 

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel where you will allow us the opportunity to travel again soon. We have high hopes in the summer, with survival of only a few months. We would all like to restore our normal lives – where we can go anywhere we want. Use hotels and airlines to be ready to end the epidemic. One question remains, but how will this “normal life”is?

Several test-Covid-19

All hopes are currently built to meet the coronavirus. I started vaccination campaigns already in many countries. Although governments to secure large quantities of the vaccine, there are still some problems that must be overcome. Hand there is a lack of development, on the other hand find that a lot of people don’t want to vaccination.


There’s sort of a consensus that the travel will be possible only if you choose to Corona completely from our lives. In the present time, is vaccination of risk groups only, but the question remains When will the vaccination for travel to the country that he wants? Since each state pursues a different strategy, it is likely to go one of two ways; Either you will be asked to show a certificate of vaccination or obtained as a result of a negative test PCR.

Tests the product in Dubai

In the past few months, showed Dubai how can the products (if not corrupt) to provide health protection to visitors without them. First, the presented Emirates tests mandatory for every traveler. You can now take the test quickly and easily at any hotel in Dubai itself.
Some hotels even further where you can find offers guests the choice of COVID-19 free. For example, you can take the test for free at the Hotel Atlantis The Palm (Atlantis The Palm) if you book Five Nights or more.

Europe is still lagging behind

In Europe, the infrastructure of the test is far from perfect. The reason for this is that for a long time, it was the tests of COVID-19 is only available to people who showed symptoms – but not for those who travel.
However, it has improved it significantly in recent months. There are now centers of choice for many of the flights that ensures the result in 5 hours at the most. For example, two weeks ago, at the airport in Zurich, was the opening of the test center COVID-19.
Then there are several test PCR that can receive the product to be then sent to a lab; however, it remains an important question: Will the implementation of the test correctly and get the result in the time that you want?
A iPad die by name (Badrutt’s Palace) in the sport

Take a a iPad die Palace in St. Moritz (Saint Moritz) a new method.Where it is of the first hotels in Europe that are used PCR negative of each guest prior to the delivery room. Besides, so guests can feel safe, the hotel requests of their employees to be selected regularly.

Now the question arises What if this method make sense? Is that going to be the “new normal” or that it will become a reason for staying guests about hotels? Can look into this question from two sides. For some guests, give them the test center security when you stay at any hotel at all; but may EPEAT other that this would be a violation of their rights personal.

If Uncle this method, you must ensure hotels the process is short and smooth. Just as it is for passengers to and from Dubai.

Ready to hotels in the United States also to open border


Using hotels in the United States is almost exclusively local guests only. For this reason, many are still of luxury hotels, especially in cities, are closed. But behind these closed doors, preparations are still underway to compensate the losses of the corona. Where many of the hotels analyse the room next to the face (such as storage rooms for luggage) to the testing center.

The owners of hotels in the United States that the choice of hotels will become the standard until the containment of the epidemic. Even if not required by law, it may be a crucial competitive advantage.

Good preparation is required
In the past few months, there have been many questions about accommodation in hotels. It is important to enjoy the administration ensures your safety and comfort your mind before thinking about anything else.

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